Minami-Chita Hot Spring Village, a hot spring resort an hour away from Nagoya A Japanese-style inn that entertains with scent

Genjikoh evokes the elegance of the age of The Tale of Genji through its scented, tranquil world.
Our Japanese-style inn uses the earliest scents of Japan as its theme.
Experience the delight of incense in every room throughout this inn,
and awaken a forgotten peace within the soul.

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  • The hospitality was excellent

    It had been a while since I last took a trip to Chita Peninsula.I usually don’t give much praise, but this time was really wonderful.Not only were the hot springs and meals good, the service and smiles of the staff were wonderful.

  • Natural open-air baths

    Our in is located along Utsumi Coast, selected as one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan. Also exceptional is our natural open-air baths. At night, the open-air bath stimulates the five senses, providing ultimate relaxation. The sounds of the waves will delight the ears, and the night sky full of stars will delight the eyes.

  • The view from the room is amazing

    l forgot to even turn on the TV as I gazed out over the view of the sea from the room and listened to the sound of the waves. The view from the open-air bath on the roof was great, but I liked the salt hot springs of the indoor bath even more, and went in many times.

  • Scent as a theme

    You can smell the incense from the moment you enter. I tend not to like incense, but I didn’t mind this one. It was really fun choosing a yukata. The food service was good as well.

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